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Overseas Nannies 

This vacancy section was last updated on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 4:54 PM.  

Overseas Nannies

Email Imperial Nannies, or call +44 (0) 207 795 6220 for further details.
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Start Date


INCV7810 World-Class Caliber Career 78543 Chicago/USA/Overseas 2 weeks’ notice TOP SALARY
Extraordinary nanny with over 25 years of experience and outstanding references. Our nanny has cared for children of all ages, with the majority of experience with new borns through preschool age. Nanny also has experience with twins and triplets. Can get babies on a schedule, potty training, learning letters, numbers, and colours. Previous experience in Chicago, Beverly Hills, Jackson Hole, Vail, Vienna, Hong Kong and Riyadh, with extensive travel beyond these locations as well. Looking for a full-time position with a baby or very young children. Currently in Chicago, USA. Available immediately. REF: 78543

INCV7807 Experienced French Tutor Middle East & Russia ASAP £1500 - 1800 per week net
An experienced French tutor looking for work in Qatar, the UAE & Russia. She holds a very strong academic background, with a Master’s degree from the Sorbonne University (Paris, France). With experience dating from 2000, She is incredibly knowledgeable on tutoring in French, preparing younger students for A-levels & GCSEs, University, and entrance exams for the most prestigious schools and boarding schools in London. Our tutor also holds an up to date paediatric first-aid certificate, clear DBS and Driver’s License. She has previously worked with a host of VVIP families, and so is used to the environment of fully staffed households. Available immediately. £1000 per week net. REF: 64049.

INCV7750 Baby Nanny 68573 Middle East 4 weeks notice £1200 per week
Loving and warm nanny seeking a new role overseas. Currently based in Greece. She has as a grown up child of her own (independent)and many years experience looking after babies and toddlers. Native Greek, she speak fluent Greek, English, French and Italian. Available with 4 weeks notice REF:68573

INCV7737 British Nanny 61289 Flexible 1 month notice £1500 per week net
Professional career nanny looking for a position overseas. This nanny has over fifteen years experience and her references all state she is patient and has a good sense of humor. Candidate has looked after children from newborn upwards and has been placed in a variety of positions both overseas and in the UK. A driver and a non-smoker nanny is also NNEB qualified. An outdoorsy nanny who enjoys spending time with charges outside. REF:61289

INCV7734 Outstanding Nanny 82746 Dubai / Abu Dhabi 90 days notice £1200 per week
Outstanding, experienced multilingual nanny (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) seeking a new role in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. She has worked as a nanny for 5 years and a language teacher for 14 years. Exceptional organisational skills, documenting couture clothing, able to pack for lengthy periods as well as provide educational activities, arts and crafts, teach all languages spoken. She is available with 90 days’ notice. £1200 per week. REF: 82746

INCV7733 Mandarin Speaking Nanny 84531 South of France or Venice ASAP £1200 per week
Super native Mandarin speaking nanny seeking a new role in the South of France or Venice. She holds an EU passport for ease of travel. Competent with new born to 7 yr olds. She has experience in Montessori nurseries and can incorporate the Montessori method in her childcare approach. Looking for a salary of £1200 per week negotiable depending on the position. REF84531

INCV7732 Muck in - Qualified Nanny 167686 Middle East August £1000 per week
Fantastic Qualified nanny with over 6 years’ experience. Our nanny has always worked with large families and loves to be busy! A passion for arts and crafts; development focused and really enjoys looking after children and watching them grow and learn. All of her roles have come to a natural end due to family relocation or the children going to school. She loves cooking and can batch cook if required. An experienced hairdresser and can cut and blow dry hair if needed. She is looking for a role in the Middle East with a salary expectation of £1000 per week. REF:167686

INCV7731 Qualified Nanny 168292 Russia or Middle East ASAP £1000 per week, 12hrs 6 days
A wonderful caring nanny from South Africa looking for a long term role in the Middle East or Russia. She can care for newborns to teens, plan activities, meal plan, shopping etc all duties related to the children. She has TEFOL/TESOL qualifications for teaching English and can assist with homework. A qualified Masseuse - a fantastic skill for calming down children with SEN. She has a lovely friendly and caring personality. Looking for an ASAP start with a salary of £1000 for 12hrs, 6 days per week. REF: 168292

INCV7730 Native Mandarin speaker 82761 Flexible £1000 per week ASAP start
A multilingual Canadian governess (Canadian passport) fluent in English, French, Mandarin and advanced Spanish seeking a new position overseas. Holds a BA French Language and literature and many TESOL/TEFL qualifications. Confident teaching children from 3.5yrs +, getting them ready to start school, also capable of tutoring languages to children or parents. £1000 per week working 5 days, 8hrs. REF:82761

INCV7729 French/Arabic/ English speaker 168291 Europe or Switzerland September £1000 npw min / 5 days
Super nanny who has been in her last rota role for 5 years, seeking another long term position. French, Arabic and English speaker. Competent with new born to 15 yr olds. Can carry out all baby care (bottles/nappies/sleep/potty training etc) as well as support older children with homework, extra activities (horse-riding, ballet, football etc). A keen swimmer with 'sea legs'. Looking for another long term role ideally rota. Min salary £1000 per week. REF: 168291

INCV7728 Spanish Governess / Teacher 168316 Flexible September/October £TOP!!
Bright and educated Governess with a Master's Degree in Spanish and Degree in Primary Education (teaching). Our Governess has worked as a Spanish teacher for 6 years in a school, privately tutored and has also worked as a nanny for 5 years on an ad-hoc basis. Competent to teach all Primary Education (Maths/Science etc). She also enjoys playing football and can teach if required. A lover of animals and a team player. Available from September/October. Looking for a top salary. REF:168316

INCV7727 Spanish speaking nanny 168299 Europe October £750 net per week / 5 days
Sweet Spanish nanny seeking a long term role overseas. She has worked for 5 years with a family based in Mallorca + various temporary roles throughout the summer months in Europe and Ireland. Working knowledge of caring for children from birth to 5 years of age. Happy to teach Spanish through play and activities, a good cook, loves animals - especially horses and dogs! Looking for 5 days per week with a salary of around £750 per week net. Ref 168299

INCV7725 Australian Nanny 166765 Turkey ASAP £ Negotiable
Creative and active Australian nanny seeking a role in Turkey. She has a background working with people and has been a nanny in her previous role of 5 years. She is looking for another long term position. She has a real muck in attitude and works well with other staff members, she can plan a healthy balanced diet for the week and shop if required, confident with children over 3 years and can prepare for school. She is looking for a position from Mid August . ref 166765

INCV7724 British Nanny 70904 flexible ASAP £ Negotiable
A really lovely British nanny who is looking for a long term position. She is confident with all child related duties and has monitored allergies in her previous roles. She is a good family cook and is pet friendly. She is happy to also take on PA work alongside nannying. She is a confident driver which becomes handy when organising activities. She is very positive and self-motivated and happy to contribute to a team. She is confidential and very adaptable to new environments. Looking to take on a position where she can utilise her skills in a long term role. REF 70904

INCV7723 British Tutor/Governess 74780 flexible ASAP £1200pwn
Pro-active British Tutor/Governess with Master’s Degree. She is a qualified teacher. She has been based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the past 6 years and has just finished a temporary role in Switzerland in September where I placed her tutoring 4 children. She is based in Guernsey and is available for a Skype interview. REF 74780

INCV7722 Nanny Governess 79733 flexible ASAP £ Negotiable
Lovely Qualified Primary teacher/Governess with extensive overseas experience. She has been in her current position for 4 years in Paris and is leaving in September as she is no longer needed. She is used to carrying out all nursery duties, organising children’s schedules, helping with homework and providing educational and fun activities. A good cook, she is happy to cook for children if required. She speaks conversational French and English is her mother tongue. She is well known to our agency for over 12 years and has 20 years experience in teaching. REF 79733

INCV7721 Spanish speaking nanny 83743 flexible ASAP £1000pwn
Lovely switched on and organised Spanish nanny. She is fluent in Spanish, Catalan and English. She is hard working and enjoys planning weekly activities that stimulate development but that are also fun! She is creative and also enjoys being outside and active with children. Competent with children from birth to 10yrs. Looking for £1000 per week. REF 83743

INCV7650 Organised British Nanny 167002 Istanbul or Switzerland ASAP £1200 min per week clear
Fabulous nanny with lovely experience working with children from birth to 15 years. Competent to carry out any family PA duties required. Happy to provide a structured activity schedule for children or be more spontaneous depending on parents wishes. A foody who loves to cook health balanced meals, keeps children's areas clean and tidy.Driver and non smoker. Would like a role in Istanbul or Switzerland, or a rotational role anywhere (paid 52 weeks per year). Looking for a minimum salary of £1200 per week net. REF: 167002

INCV7627 Dubai based nanny 73655 Dubai, UAE ASAP £1000 + per week
Lovely Australian nanny with 10 years full and part time experience looking after children. Looking for a 5 day week full time DAILY position in Dubai (will proxy parent when needed), experience with twins and families with multiple children. Can plan educational activities and assist with homework and learning. Can provide a healthy, engaging and encouraging environment. Very active, and enjoys running, swimming and dance. She can start a position ASAP and is looking for a minimum salary of £1000 per week clear. Resides in Dubai. REF 73655

INCV7610 Daily Nanny Switzerland Lengnau Switzerland ASAP 5000 - 6000 CHF per month depending on role
Very experienced nanny with 18 years caring for children from new born to 6 years of age. In all her previous roles she has taken care of all nursery duties; laundry; tidying up; planning activities; meal planning and preparation etc. She is happy to carry out all duties related to the child. New born experience, bottle feeding; weaning; potty training etc. Based in Lengnau Switzerland. Looking for a daily position and happy to commute up to 1 hour.

INCV7574 1 in a million rota nanny/Governess!! 83740 Flexible ASAP start £1000npw. 52 week per year
Our Nanny/Governess is fluent in Russian and English and holds both a Russian and British passport. She has worked in London for the past 10 years as a governess and nanny. She has a BA Accounting, Finance and Management. She has a creative and individual approach to promoting development. Can tutor all subjects including Russian and Maths. Looking for a rota position working 1 month on, 1 month off. ref 83740

British Norland Nanny 69231 Flexible ASAP £ Negotiable
25 year old British Norland nanny. She has finished her Newly Qualified Nanny year with Norland and stayed on with the family that Norland placed her with. She is looking for a full time position overseas. She is sporty and outgoing, enjoys being active. She is looking for a new role from September. ref 69231

INCV7572 British Nanny Governess 79692 Flexible ASAP £ Negotiable
She is a superb British nanny/Governess looking for a new full time position (and available for temporary work) She is based in the UK and has been in Switzerland for the past 2 years. She has helped children with homework and is happy to create specific tutor plans according to child age and stage of learning. Confident with children from 2 years +. She also has experience with varying ages and is competent working and managing a team of people. She is available ASAP. ref 79692

INCV7571 Fit British Nanny 83818 Flexible ASAP £ Negotiable
Lovely British nanny with over 20 years’ experience working with children of all ages. A trained Maternity nurse, experienced in establishing a routine. An extremely fit nanny – a trained Personal Trainer and also in Pre and Post Natal fitness. ref 83818

INCV7570 Professional British Nanny 70650 Rota asap £ Negotiable
a highly professional British nanny with NNEB qualifications and experience working with new-born to 18 year old. She is an educated nanny with a calm and caring personality. She has worked in roles which she has adapted to and learnt from, working with informal and formal families, children with special needs and VIP families abroad. She carries out her duties to high standards and genuinely cares for children and their well being. Available immediately and ideally looking for £16phn but is flexible if a car is available for her full use for work and outside of work. Ref 70650

INCV7569 German speaking nanny 82089 Europe ASAP £ Negotiable
She is a super nanny with a range of experience caring for children from 10 weeks to 6 years of age. She has a muck in attitude and enjoys planning activities for children in the local area and is fun and engaging. A good cook and has experience with weening and potty training. She has spent most of her career in America and England, she is now looking for a new position in Europe and has 3 weeks notice. ref 82089

INCV7568 Young Educated British Nanny 70747 Rota ASAP £ Negotiable
A lovely Educated nanny with 7+ years experience as a nanny. She holds a Ba hons degree in Childhood Studies and is looking for a position where she can educate and promote children's development. She is flexible to caring for children of any age and can start a role asap. Happy to undertake all children's nursery duties. Ref: 70747

INCV7567 Educated Nanny / Governess 69865 Flexible ASAP £ Negotiable
A highly motivated, flexible and dedicated Polish Early Years teacher with over 10 years of experience in childcare and education is looking for a fully time Governess/nanny position. Happy to work 6 days 24/7. Having cared for children from 6 months to 11 years old. Worked as Teaching Assistant for 3 years in Independent ‘Outstanding’ Schools. During the past 5 years she completed; BA (Hons) in Early Years: Teaching and Learning, Foundation Degree (FdA) in Early Years, CACHE NVQ level 2 and 3. Speak basic German. Ref 69865

Experienced Educated Governess 49171 Middle East ASAP £ Negotiable
Dedicated Teacher currently based in USA with lots of initiative and years of experience. She has worked in various different countries and is now ideally looking for a role in the middle-east. Previous employers found her an extremely trustworthy, conscientious and nurturing individual whose primary focus is the advancement of the child’s skills. “She loved our son so much and used her teaching background to come up with educational games. She is honest, thoughtful and considerate.” She is a former swim coach so she loves to train the children well in swimming too. She is available for an immediate start and looking for a long term position. ref: 49171

INCV7565 American Nanny/Governess 82087 America ASAP £ Negotiable
An Outstanding American nanny/governess with a hands on attitude who describes herself and positive, energetic and creative. She demonstrates longevity in her previous role where she stayed with the family for 13 years, carrying out all duties relating to the child and as they got older this evolved into household management as well as childcare and education. She is bright and educated herself and holds a Degree in Economics. She has experience caring for children from 3+,  is very well spoken and has a lovely personality, I warmed to her immediately when I interviewed her. She is fluent in German and English and has a German and American passport. Ref 82087

INCV7564 Trilingual Nanny 81343 Flexible ASAP £1000pwn
Fantastic nanny having been in her current position in London for 6 years! She is a confident driver (in London and the country)and is looking for a new role overseas. Competent with new-born to teenagers. She can organise the children's day from beginning to end, from meal planning/activity planning to bedtime. A competent swimmer and good healthy cook. She has previously been a PE teacher and Personal trainer. Looking for £1000 per week and can start with 4 weeks’ notice. Italian and Spanish speaker. Ref 81343

INCV6524 Degree Educated Daily Nanny 80018 Singapore ASAP Negotiable salary
A bright and educated nanny with a degree in Education & Childhood studies. She is looking for a new challenge in Singapore. Ideally a daily role as she lives with her partner. Experience providing fun and enriching experiences for children from 5 mths to 8 years. Available from October. REF 80018

INCV6522 New York Nanny 80011 Manhattan NYC ASAP $100K per annum
Fantastic nanny who demonstrates longevity throughout her nanny career. Having been with her current family for 5 years and the one before that 4 years. This nanny is guaranteed to not be around for long! She is looking for a long term daily role in Manhattan, NYC or Philadelphia with children aged 6 mths to teens and is available with short notice. Salary expectation around $100k per annum negotiable.REF: 80011

INCV6504 Rota Nanny 84717 Flexible ASAP start £1000 ++ per week net (52 weeks per annum)
Amazing overseas nanny with over 20 years of experience. Seeking a rota position to start as soon as possible. NNEB qualified. Prior positions all long-term, previous role of 7 years! (Imperial Placed her there). Separate accommodation preferred. Current DBS check. Has excellent references. Referees say:” She was an organised and reliable professional nanny , who was happy to work independently and was always calm in stressful situations.” REF 84717

INCV6503 Hong Kong Nanny 74857 Hong Kong / Middle East ASAP 60K Hong Kong dollars
Super nanny with many years’ experience in childcare. Has experience with twins, she started with them at 10 weeks also has experience with children up to school age. Happy to undertake all children's nursery duties, activity and meal planning. Looking for a live in role (own bedroom / bathroom provided) REF 74857

INCV6499 OVERSEAS Nanny 76042 Russia / Middle East ASAP - no notice £1000 +++ depending on role
Our Nanny is bright and bubbly with a passion for working with children. She is a great healthy cook and loves ironing if required! Enjoys planning weekly activities for children to promote their development (physical, and social). Also enjoys reading books and teaching English as a Foreign Language through play. Competent weening, potty training and preparing children for school. She is available from NOW!! REF: 76042

INCV6489 Experienced ROTA nanny 68896 Europe 6 weeks notice £700+ per week
Experienced British nanny with 5 years in her previous position looking for a ROTA role in Europe. Being paid £700+ per week (on and off duty). Our nanny is Qualified and has working knowledge of providing educationally enriching experiences for children, can work with the EYFS to stimulate and promote development. She enjoys arts and crafts, getting children outside exploring the world around them.REF 68896

Norland Trained Nanny 63643 Dubai / Abu Dhabi ASAP £1500 per week
Outstanding Norland trained nanny with excellent experience in roles caring for multiple children. She loves a role where she can really get stuck in and be a part of the family, she has a great muck-in attitude and likes to be busy. She is confident with cooking healthy meals, she can follow recipes as well. She is a very responsible and organised nanny with a real interest in child development. She can adapt easily and work well with new routines effectively ensuring that excellent communication skills are displayed throughout. REF 63643

INCV5455 Daily Manny 67917 Manhattan, New York City 1 months notice $1100 per week, depending on role
Fantastic experienced and Organised Manny, seeking a DAILY nanny position in Manhattan, NYC. He has excellent references and was in one of his previous roles for 6 years, extremely neat and tidy, enjoys cooking and providing healthy meals and snacks, confident with areas of development, child led and educationally focused. Very familiar with Manhattan and finding fun and educating activities to do. Available with 1 months notice. REF:67917

Norland nanny eligible for J1 80788 New York, USA ASAP $90k per annum gross neg
A wonderful Norland Nanny seeking a permanent DAILY role in New York. She has been in her current role for the past 3 years since graduating from Norland College. She is fit and active and loves getting her charges out and about. She is also very creative and loves to engage children in messy play. Having been trained at Norland she is very familiar with developmental stages of children and can plan fun activities to promote development. We have an excellent reference for her who say that she is a kind and caring nanny, very very competent, can be firm when needed but is just a lovely girl. REF:80788

INCV5433 Outstanding Nanny 65158 Middle East 1 month notice £1800 per week
A bright and smiley Australian nanny in her mid-30s with clean driving license. She has special needs experience and has a very flexible attitude towards travelling and working hours. She is of a sporty nature and a strong swimmer. Currently based in the Middle East where she has worked with a single family for 5 years. She is available with 1 months’ notice. REF: 65158

INCV5431 Superb British Nanny 72030 Flexible One month notice £1500 per week net
Superb British nanny looking to continue her career overseas. Currently in the UK, Our nanny has previously worked in Australia and the US. She is experienced caring for children from 4-18 years of age, assisting with homework, carrying out all nursery duties, cooking for and with the children. She is a kind and loving nanny who enjoys having fun with the children. REF: 72030

Trilingual Nanny 67563 Flexible ASAP £1000 ++ per week net
Fantastic trilingual nanny who is fluent in Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin and English. Experienced as a nanny/tutor with children aged between 1 year to teens. Our nanny enjoys planning activities to promote development, can cook and carry out all nursery duties as well as tutor in all languages. Has a UK and Hong Kong Passport. Looking for a long term position overseas. She can start ASAP. REF: 67563

INCV5386 Outstanding Norland Nanny 68240 NYC, also flexible to other states Flexible - Temporary only $30 per hour
Outstanding temporary Norland nanny looking for temporary work after leaving her last long term position of 4 years. Our nanny enjoys looking after children of all ages and based in New York City, USA she is flexible to travel across the USA and has a valid B1 Visa. Experience with New born, settling into routines, weaning and providing fun and educational activities with children of all ages. Very familiar with New York. She can start a position ASAP. REF:68240

INCV5385 Bilingual Nanny/Governess 75308 Worldwide ASAP £ Negotiable
Outstanding bilingual (French/ English ) Nanny/Governess who has been with her current family for 9 years. She has been working and living in the States for the past 20 years so her English is at mother tongue level, she holds 15 years of experience caring for and teaching children from new-born to 16 years of age. She is enthusiastic, bubbly, smiley, committed, flexible very well presented and passionate about teaching French as a second language. She is sporty, outdoorsy, a confident driver and swimmer , loves cooking and baking. Free to start ASAP REF: 75308

INCV5370 Educationally focused nanny 78584 Worldwide rota or USA 1 months notice £1000+ per week net
A lovely nanny from Australia with 8 years’ experience working with children. Educationally focused planning activities based on the areas of development. Our nanny promotes development by planning educational activities, she focusses on learning through play, imaginative games and she is also very creative. Our nanny is looking for a rota role worldwide (working so many weeks on and off), travelling back to Australia on her days off. Or working in America, she has a valid J1 visa (will expire in 2 years). She is looking for a salary around £1000 per week net REF: 78584

INCV5368 Loyal Greek Nanny 63736 Athens, Greece 1 months notice £750-£900 per week net
Outstanding Greek nanny looking for a new role in Athens, Greece. Our nanny has been in her current role for 12 years and previous to that 15 years. She has experience with children from new born to teens. She enjoys planning activities, cooking with the children and taking care of all the nursery duties. She is very active and enjoys swimming, bike riding and going to the gym in her spare time. Native Greek and speaks fluent English and French. She is available with 1 months' notice. REF 63736

INCV5355 Nanny/Tutor 78586 Dubai or UAE ASAP £1000 per week
Wonderful and dedicated nanny/tutor looking for a new position in Dubai. She has been in her current role in Dubai for 2 years and previous to this 3 years in Saudi Arabia. She tutors French, English and Maths as well as all other care needs for the children. Our nanny is looking for a 5 or 6 days a week with a minimum salary of £1000 per week. REF:78586

Outstanding British Nanny 54771 Flexible ASAP £900 per week net
An outstanding Qualified British nanny who has been with her last family for the past 5 years seeing them into Private School. Experience from birth to 10years. Our nanny is flexible to location and is looking for a lovely family. She has strong experience in child development and can plan age related activities and research the local area to get the children out and about learning new things. A good cook, happy to meal plan for the children. Driver, non-smoker and flexible to travel. She is looking for a salary of £900++ per week. REF: 54771

INCV5336 Experienced baby nanny 73647 Zurich, Switzerland ASAP £750- 900 per week net
Dedicated nanny who has been with her current family for 5 years in Zurich. She is looking for a full time, 5 day per week role in Zurich with younger children and ideally a new born. Our nanny has her own accommodation but will be happy to live in if separate accommodation offered. Salary expectation of £900 per week. REF 73647

INCV5310 French nanny available 82521 UAE + Europe ASAP £1100 - £1800 depending on position
Experienced 36 year old French Nanny/Governess with excellent recommendations. Previous experience in the Middle East and working for VIP families in Europe. Also experienced as maternity nanny from birth +. Happy with all basic care needs and activity planning. Has successfully taught French to under 5's'. Looking for a full time position in UAE. REF:82521

INCV5298 Experienced Greek Nanny 70310 Flex ASAP £900 + depending on location and role
Outstanding Greek nanny, 38 years old with a very impressive CV. Our nanny has been with her previous familles for 11 years, 6 years and 2 years. Competent caring for children from new born to 11 years old. Planning activities, planning and preparing a healthy balanced diet, assisting with homework etc. Excellent english and happy to teach Greek if required. She is ideally looking for a long term position in Europe but is flexible to travel.Afroditi is looking for an ASAP or can start later if offer is confirmed. REF:70310

INCV5283 Sporty British nanny 80793 Flexible ASAP £1200-£1500 depending on position
Candidate is a Qualified and British nanny looking for a new position overseas. Very sporty and outdoorsy, she enjoys getting children out and about, playing any sports with children as well as following child interest when planning activities. Looking for ideally a sole charge, flexible to location, looking for £1200-£1500 per week depending on hours and days role and can start ASAP.REF 80793

INCV5238 Qualified British Nanny 82376 Toronto, Canada (but flex) ASAP £TOP
Qualified British nanny who has worked in Australia, the UK and Panama with children from birth to 10 years. Her previous positions have been part time that she has married together to make a full time working week. Competent at planning activities acording to the age and stage of development of children, she is very active and enjoys getting children out in any weathers. Ideally looking for a role in Toronto but is flexible for the right family. REF: 82376

INCV5230 Fantastic Nanny Available NOW ! 84093 Bermuda, ASAP £Negotiable
British nanny in her 40’s with 22 years’ experience working with children of all ages from Newborn to 16 years old. Our nanny is a BTEC qualified Nanny, and also an experienced Maternity Nurse. She has experience with multiples and twins and comes highly recommended from her previous employers.REF:84093

INCV5217 Experienced British nanny, German speaking 64928 Worldwide ASAP £1000 ++
A really lovely candidate with a sound working knowledge of child development. An experienced sleep trainer and  1st aid instructor. Our nanny is fluent in German and has a British accent. Privately Educated nanny having been schooled in a Steiner School herself. Happy to assist with homework and has a working knowledge of the early years foundation stage and enjoys planning age related activities. She is looking for a new position ASAP, however she is happy to trial now if needed. REF:64928

INCV5209 Experienced NZ Nanny 72877 Flexible Short Notice Negotiable
Energetic, outdoorsy, creative and enthusiastic 31 year old Nanny from New Zealand who has 7+ years experience and comes highly recommended by previous employers. She has dual citizenship in New Zealand and America and has worked for families in Auckland, London, Amsterdam and Dubai. Experienced in travelling with families, proxy parenting, sole charge and mother's help. She has a Bachelor of Communications and is a fully trained children's sports coach with Playball International. She has a passion for helping children learn and develop through age appropriate activities and is a lifelong learner herself. A reliable, adaptable and trustworthy Nanny who takes initiative and is confident caring for all ages. Ref:72877

INCV5206 Experienced, Knowledgeable Nanny 74742 Rota Based - Worldwide 1 months notice £1500 +
Very accommodating, hardworking and flexible British Nanny who has just returned from her most recent role in Qatar where she worked 6 but mostly 7 days per week, 24 hour cover. She holds over 18 years of experience caring for children from new-born to 15 years of age (incl twins). Our nanny is a confident driver, very organised and available to start in June. REF 74742

INCV5180 Development focused Nanny 84522 Europe ASAP £800+
A wonderful Australian nanny (EU Passport) looking for a new position overseas. Our nanny has been a nanny for the past 14 years caring for children from 6 months +. She enjoys planning fun and enriching learning experiences that stimulate development. Our nanny developed a programme in Sydney called 'Imagine That' which incorporated a variety of engaging activities (songs, storytelling, sensory play, music and movement) to promote holistic development. Outdoorsy, fit and very active, she enjoys swimming and hiking. She is looking for a role in Europe with a minimum salary expectation of £800 per week. REF:84522

INCV5168 Caring, experienced Nanny 66616 Middle East Summer £1200 +
Lovely, bright nanny with 11 years’ of experience working with children from 3 months to 12 years. Our nanny is a Psychology graduate and holds Fetac level 5 Certificate in Child Development, Diet and Nutrition. She is looking for a new overseas role to develop her skills and experience different culture. Our nanny is a driver, a non-smoker and a sporty nanny who is very happy to travel. REF 66616

INCV5164 Fabulous Governess/Nanny 71622 Flexible ASAP £1000 min
An experienced British nanny with a teaching background (as a head teacher, and as the head of a day nursery). Candidate has recently finished a 4.5 year role working with the children of HRH in Kuwait. Candidate has experience working with children from six weeks until eleven years. She is looking for a permanent role overseas and is available to start a position ASAP. Currently based in India REF: 71622

INCV5142 Governess/Nanny 79191 Middle-east ASAP £1000 min
A fantastic Qualified Governess/Nanny. Previous experience in Saudi Arabia for the Saudi Royal Family as a governess/head nanny. Other roles include extensive travel and working long hours. Planning activities and teaching the children English. Liaising with schools, doctors, drivers, chefs. Also Fluent in German and Arabic. Candidate really enjoys working with children and working towards their development, she is very friendly, outgoing, and active and loves the outdoors and planning outings with the children. She is looking for a long term position overseas with a minimum salary expectation of £1000 per week net. REF: 79191

INCV5135 Fantastic Governess/Tutor 78298 Flexible ASAP £1000
A fantastic Governess with a Degree in Language and politics looking for another long term position. Candidate has worked in Libya, Milan and Saudi Arabia. Her strengths are teaching English, Maths, Science and French to children aged 4 years +. As well as teaching our nanny is competent assisting with any PA duties a family has such as booking appointments etc. Young fit and active, able to swim and ski. As well as teaching she enjoys getting outside playing sports with children and also entertaining children with fun educational activities indoors. She is looking for a long term position overseas with a minimum salary expectation of £1000 per week net. REF 78298

INCV5111 Wonderful Experienced Nanny 65536 Europe / Dubai ASAP £850-£1200 depending on position
A wonderful Polish nanny who has just finished her last role in Texas where she was for 10 years!! She also took on a part time role with 3 month old twins when the children in her main position went to school. She is a very active nanny who like to plan activities for children and focuses on learning through play, learning and doing things for themselves. She is a very caring nanny and really enjoys the achievement of watching children grow and develop. She enjoys taking children out to the park or the theatre, reading books and visting the library whilst also socialising with other children and developing the childs social skills with friends. A good childrens cook and has experience catering for a gluten free diet. She enjoys using fresh organic produce where she can. A very adaptable nanny and is looking for a role in Europe or Dubai. REF:65536

INCV5081 NNEB qualified nanny 70469 flexible ASAP flexible
An excellent 38 year old British nanny who is happy to look after children of all ages. She holds an NNEB certificate and is a confident, healthy cook. She is happy to travel with the family and can be very flexible. She is also a strong swimmer and has excellent organisational skills. Her previous employer has said that she is “superb, super organised, reliable and has heaps of initiative.” She has spent some time at home after finishing her last role and broke her ankle which she has now recovered from. She is looking for a long term role. REF: 70469

French Tutor/Governess 50846 Flexible ASAP Flexible
enthusiastic, well presented and educationally focused French Tutor/Governess who is looking for a new long term Overseas position she is a very qualified and experienced French teacher , she has been described as dedicated, diligent, meticulous and organised by her previous employers who highly recommend her. She is very adaptable, outgoing, excellent level of English, patient and smiley. REF:50846

Norland Qualified Nanny 40437 Flexible ASAP £1500 per week
outstanding, professional, enthusiastic and well-present Norland qualified Nanny with a maturity that belies her age. She has looked after children from new-born to 13 years of age , has worked in the UK and the States, is a very knowledgeable, a confident driver, swimmer and skier. She comes highly recommended by her previous employers who described her as the best Nanny ever – loyal, responsible , intelligent, warm and fun. REF: 40437

Bilingual Nanny 42162 Flexible ASAP £1000pwn
Professional, dedicated, creative, friendly and sporty 31-year-old governess of dual nationality (Irish/Greek). She a native speaker of both English and Greek and an advanced speaker of the Spanish and Italian languages. Experienced in working as a Governess with V.I.P. families, she is well aware of how to promote a child’s intellectual, social and personal development. As an educator, she has a deep awareness of how young minds absorb and process new information, paying special attention to each child's individual needs. She is a hardworking, flexible, enthusiastic, trustworthy, responsible and organised individual with a good sense of humour and playfulness. A team player with a passion for healthy living, she is a kayak guide, rafting guide and PADI Divemaster. Her anthropological studies have given her the opportunity to work with a diverse population of individuals from all around the globe, allowing her to easily adapt to different working and living environments. Having worked with high-profile V.I.P. clients in the past, she is professional, discreet and adheres to confidentiality at all times. She comes highly recommended, is “An excellent communicator, she has a warm, encouraging and sympathetic approach when introducing new concepts to young learners”. Available ASAP and looking for a minimum salary of £1000 per week net. Ref: 42162

INCV2981 Part time or full time Nanny 75306 Dubai ASAP Flexible
Hard working, flexible and dedicated British Nanny who is moving to Dubai with her family Mid July is looking for a live out position working either full time or part time hours. She has over 19 years of experience both as a Nanny and a teaching assistant and comes highly recommended. She is happy to tutor and help with PA duties as well as all nursery duties. Having cared for children from 6 months to teenagers she comes with a wealth of knowledge. Ref: 75306

Qualified British Governess/Teacher 51245 Europe or worldwide if Rota ASAP £900+
31 year old qualified British Governess/Teacher who is looking for a new educationally focused , long term role from July onwards. She has been planning lessons and extra tuition in her current and previous roles, is very organised ( especially when traveling with her employers), great in engaging the children in a fun and playful way , has also been teaching manners and etiquette to the children in her care while still having fun with them. Emma makes sure that the children are educationally and culturally stimulated during long periods of travel, she is extremely professional, enthusiastic and passionate about her role. She is used to traveling with all four children on her own, is flexible and accommodating. Ref: 51245

INCV2954 NNEB Qualified British Nanny 69873 Europe, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi ASAP £1400pwn+
Outstanding NNEB qualified British Nanny who has been placed through Imperial with her two long term employers (with her current family for 7 years and another family for over 5 years). She is due to finish her current role Mid July and would love to find another long term position abroad. She has cared for children from new-born to 16 years of age over the past 30 years, is a confident driver and swimmer, very flexible, dedicated, organised, has travelled extensively with previous employers, extremely experienced, knowledgeable , educationally focused and comes highly recommended. One of her previous employers described her as “ simply wonderful – whoever employs her to care for their children will have happy , well balanced children with lovely manners that respect adults. She manages to mix fun, affection and discipline. My children still adore her and stay in touch via email now that they are both in boarding school”. REF 69873

INCV2924 French Nanny 67781 Flexible ASAP Negotiable
Smiley and passionate 33 year old French Nanny who is looking for a long term placement. She is available for an immediate start and holds over 9 years of experience caring for children from new-born to 10 years of age in the US, the UK and Europe. She comes highly recommended by her previous employers who rate her as absolutely excellent –“ Any family in the world would be thrilled to have her care for their children. She LOVES children of all ages boy or girl – no preferences, takes excellent care of kids providing much love and adventures. She, herself, is highly motivated, loves to travel, meet new people and open to new experiences. She adapts well to any situation and always fits in. I can’t recommend her enough! Our au pair visa was only valid for 13 months – we could not extend her stay – would have kept her on forever!” Another one described her as “ by far the best Nanny my son has ever had. She is very passionate about her job and has a great attitude. She has endless energy and her positive and enthusiastic predisposition is contagious….. words can’t express the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child is not only safe but stimulated and loves while you have to be away…. She is the best!” She is a confident driver, swimmer and horse rider. REF: 67781

INCV2908 Spanish speaking nanny 83395 Dubai ASAP £negotiable
Caring, outgoing and energetic Spanish Nanny with excellent level of English who has recently moved to Dubai with her husband. She has previously worked in London for the same family for 6.5 years and before that for another family over the course of 2.5 years caring for children from newborn upwards. She is free for an immediate start and is looking for a long term role (ideally 3 years as a minimum). As she is already based in Dubai she wouldn’t need accommodation but would be more than happy to stay overnight should you need her to proxy parent or babysit. 33 years of age, great longevity in previous roles, very warm, smiley and enthusiastic. REF: 83395

INCV2897 Experienced Nanny 76278 Flexible ASAP £Negotiable
Outgoing, reliable and trustworthy Nanny from New Zealand who also holds a British passport. She holds over 10 years of experience caring for and teaching children in different settings from 2 years upwards in Austria, Russia, the UK, Monaco and Singapore. She is enthusiastic, well presented, discreet, adaptable, sporty (as strong swimmer and confident horse rider) and comes highly recommended by her previous employers. 36 years of age and free for an immediate start. REF:76278

Nanny/Governess 42977 Flexible ASAP £1000pwn
Experienced Nanny/Governess with overseas experience in the US and Moscow. She has cared for children aged between 8 months and 17 and is now looking for a new long term position. She holds a full driving license and is available to start ASAP. REF: 42977

Experienced British Nanny 4599 Flexible ASAP £1200+pwn
Experienced British Nanny, a capable driver who has recently finished a long term role in Dubai. She is available for an immediate start, has been working with children from newborn upwards and is looking for her next long term placement. Gayle has been described as “simply excellent, uses own initiative, very easy going. Lovely person, sweet and adored by children. “ by her employer of 10 years. REF:4599

INCV2894 British Nanny/Teacher 67776 Flexible ASAP £1000pwn
Fantastic British Nanny/Teacher who holds a BA in Early Childhood studies and a Masters in Social Research and Education. She is currently working in Abu Dhabi as an Early Years Specialist teaching the early years curriculum but really wants to go back to caring and teaching children in a private home so she can focus on each individual child. She holds 10 years of experience (2 of those as a Nanny and the rest within the educational sector) and comes highly recommended by her previous employers. She is enthusiastic, passionate about children and their education, outgoing , musical (she plays the guitar), warm, smiley and free to start a new role with short notice. REF: 67776

INCV2840 Irish Nanny/ Tutor / Governess 75326 Flexible ASAP £1500+pw
Outstaning Irish Nanny/Tutor / Governess who has been placed with her employer of 6 years through Imperial. She holds a BA (Hons) Early Years Teaching, a Montessori Diploma and is currently studying towards her MA in Play therapy. She has been working with children for over 10 years and comes highly recommended by her previous employers. Location : flexible, ideally Rota role, TOP salary £1500+. Ref number: 75326

INCV2839 Irish Nanny 74256 USA, Europe or UAE ASAP £1000+ per week clear
Very confident and reliable Irish nanny in her 40s is seeking a new long-term role. A capable driver who holds twin experience and completed early childcare courses. She has dual citizenship and holds an American passport. She is currently based in Cork , Ireland and ready for an immediate start. Location : USA, Europe, UAE, £1000+. Reference: 74256

Norland Nanny 49219 United States or UAE ASAP £1000+ per week clear
24 year old Norland qualified Nanny, she has looked after children from new-born upwards, including twins, comes highly recommended and would love to find a long term role. Preferred Location: States, UAE, £1000+. Reference: 49219

Norland qualified Nanny Flexible ASAP TOP Salary
Norland qualified Nanny who is currently working in a team of Nannies for a high profile client with four children in Abu Dhabi. She has been caring for children from newborn upwards , has taught English at a school in Mexico, has been an au pair in Spain, holds a TEFL qualification and would love to find a new long term role Overseas. 25 years, a confident swimmer, driver and comes highly recommended. Available ASAP, TOP Salary, location flex. Reference: 47111.

INCV2836 Enthusiastic American Nanny 85156 United States ASAP £1000+ per week clear
Enthusiastic American Nanny who has studied Child development at college and has worked as a professional Nanny for over 12 years ( 7 of those years with the same family). She has cared for children from new-born to 12 years of age, is proactive, trustworthy, loyal, educationally focused, safety conscious, imaginative, warm, is an excellent cook, driver and swimmer. She is available for an immediate start and looking for another long term role. Location : United States preferred , ASAP start , £1000+ per week clear. Reference number: 85156

British NNEB qualified Nanny Flexible ASAP £1000+ per week clear
A lovely and enthusiastic British NNEB qualified Nanny who is looking for a long term role abroad. She holds over 15 years of experience caring for children from 3 weeks to 11 years of age (including twins , high profile families and 24 hour cover duty) and comes highly recommended by her previous employers who describe her as “ too good to be true! Very honest and reliable, she became part of our family”. 34 years of age, a confident driver, very knowledgeable, educationally and developmentally focused, affectionate, confident, calm and patient. Location flexible, available asap, £1000+per week. Reference 49825.

INCV2795 Experienced American Nanny 64850 Flexible ASAP TOP SALARY
Fantastic American Nanny with over 16 years of experience. She has a Bachelor degree in Early childhood development and Psychology, great longevity in previous roles , speaks fluent Spanish , is a former swimming instructor , has worked with healthy children and children with special needs all over the world and comes highly recommended. TOP salary, flexible location and an ASAP start. Reference number: 64850

Qualified Nanny Flexible ASAP Negotiable
Qualified Nanny from New Zealand looking for a long term Overseas role. She holds over 8 year of experience caring for children from 15 months upwards , including twins , both in private homes and in Nurseries. She is used to working by herself and in a team, is very adaptable and enthusiastic , is a confident swimmer, can ski and horse ride. She is currently working on a 6 day per week / 24 hour cover basis and free to start a new position as soon as you would need her. Looking for an asap start and location is flexible. Reference number: 47353

Experienced Nanny Flexible 4 weeks notice £1000+pwn
Lovely registered nurse and nanny from New Zealand ( she also holds a Canadian passport) who is looking for a long term role overseas. Her true passion is Nannying which she has done before and throughout her studies, her nursing background is just an added bonus. She has over 7 years of experience caring for children from new-born upwards, is great at implementing routines, is a real team player, confident driver, enthusiastic, well presented, sporty, organised, caring and goes above and beyond her job. She is free to start a new role with four weeks’ notice. £900+ and flexible location. Reference number: 49635

INCV2792 Qualified Teacher 66480 Flexible ASAP £1000pwn
Enthusiastic and qualified teacher from New Zealand who’s maturity belies her age. She is very knowledgeable, bright, very quickly progressed from assistant teacher to head teacher, is passionate about her role as a Nanny and educator , has worked with children from 3 months to 7 years of age and has been described as “ hitting the jackpot in fining her as our Nanny”. She is creative, outdoorsy, sporty and available for an ASAP start , salary of £1000 and flexible location. Reference number : 66480

Experienced Nanny Flexible ASAP Negotiable
qualified Australian ( with a British passport) Nanny very well known to our agency as she has been placed through us twice. She holds 20years of experience (looking after children from newborn to 17 years of age, including high profile families) and comes highly recommended by her previous employers in Geneva, London, Milan, the US, Spain, France and Australia. 43 years of age, very experienced, confident driver, trustworthy, enthusiastic, speaks fluent French, reliable and professional.Reference number: 26275.

Qualified British Nanny Flexible ASAP Negotiable
Qualified British nanny aged 38 with over 18 years’ experience working as a nanny including 7 years in her current role with a high profile family in London ( working 5.5 days per week , 24 hour cover) with worldwide travel. Angela holds an NNEB qualification and is a trained Maternity Practitioner. She is very flexible and hardworking and has excellent baby and toddler experience focussing on development. Angela is now looking for a new long term position overseas. She is looking to start in September. Reference number: 22150.

INCV2734 Professional Nanny 64559 Europe ASAP Negotiable
Qualified Scottish Nanny with over 15 years of experience caring for children from 5 months upwards both in private homes and in nurseries. She comes highly recommended by her previous employers who describe her as “ a wonderful Nanny, a quick learner, proactive , extremely reliable with a muck in attitude” . She could start a new role with one months’ notice. Reference Number: 64559

Experienced British Nanny Europe ASAP £800+ pwn
Wonderful British Nanny who has been placed through Imperial Nannies with 4 of her previous employers . She holds over 15 years of experience caring for children from Newborn to 14 years of age and comes highly recommended by her previous employers in the UK, Switzerland and the US, one of her referees described her as “Best nanny we have had, she is not an ordinary nanny, she has so much more to offer.” 37 years of age, very competent, organized, flexible, creative, sporty, energetic, confident driver, professional and caring. Available for an immediate start. Reference num: 26706.

Professional nanny Flexible ASAP Negotiable
Bright, professional nanny aged 28, she has over 8 years’ experience caring for multiple children aged between 2 weeks and 12 years. She is very patient and hardworking, with the ability to remain calm when under pressure. She holds a BTEC level 3 in childcare early years and education, she is a confident driver and is looking to start a new long term position. O/S flexible location. 46637, reference.

Qualified British Nanny Europe ASAP £700+ pwn
qualified (BA Hons in Childhood Studies) British Nanny who is looking for a long term role. She has cared for and thought children from 3 months to 16years of age, both in private homes ( including High profile families) , in a kindergarten and in a camp. 25 years of age, very sporty ( skiing , fencing , swimming, horse riding) enthusiastic, bubbly, warm, a confident driver, professional and available for an immediate start. 48759 reference

British Nanny Switzerland ASAP £Negotiable
A sweet British nanny in her early thirties. She has 12 years’ experience looking after multiple children from new-born to school aged . She also holds a BTEC in childhood studies. She has a very soft and caring approach. She is a confident driver and free to interview. Reference number 29754.

Norland Nanny Flex ASAP Dependent on position
A really professional, and mature 24 year old Norland trained nanny. Nanny is British and now looking to commit to a new position long-term. She is confident and able in all aspects of child care and has completed training that shows this. A sporty nanny she is able to swim, ski, ride and sail and able to teach children to swim as well. She is experienced with children of all ages and has dealt with reflux, celiac, wheat, gluten and dairy allergies previously. Nanny can also play the clarinet grade 6 and is able to interview as soon as possible. Ref 47540.

INCV2174 Top American Nanny/Governess 75606 Flexible 1month notice £800pwc+
A mature native Mandarin Governess seeking her next long-term position. She is loving, adaptable, patient, creative, thoughtful and considerate. Looking preferably to be based within the Middle East but is open to anywhere overseas. She has been working as a Nanny and Governess teaching children Mandarin, English and Maths. Happy to travel and holds a full Automatic licence, seeking a salary of £800+per week clear, depending on the position. Ref:75606

INCV2142 Professional career nanny 66465 Flexible Short notice £neg
A 37 year old, professional and dedicated career nanny that believes in personal development. She is qualified at CACHE level working with children, and is also qualified as a Health and Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Sports Coach. She holds a SIA Security Badge and has 15 years of working with children from babies to teenagers as well as within a large family team. Previous experience travelling abroad as a Holiday nanny as well as working alongside special needs children and educational therapists. Current employer of 10 years highly recommends her and she is looking for a position overseas working on a shift system working with other nannies. Able to take lead as Head Nanny. Salary is negotiable. Ref:66465

INCV2116 British Governess/Tutor 81870 Belgium Short notice £neg
Fantastic British governess/tutor, early 30’s seeking a new venture where she is able to utilise her skills and experience. She is multi-lingual - speaks English, German, Spanish and Japanese and has a strong academic and teaching background. Available with short notice. Ref:81870

INCV2079 British Governess/Nanny/Tutor 82532 Central London/Middle East ASAP £neg
Well-presented, qualified British Governess/Tutor/Nanny who also worked as a primary school teacher & nursery nurse previously. She holds a TEFL qualification and BTEC childcare certificate. Preferably looking for a post in the Middle East or Central London. She is a confident driver and available from now. Ref:82532

Multilingual Nanny/Housemanager Spain/ London/ Dubai ASAP £800pwc
Very smart and committed British/Mexican nanny who is very flexible and would like to be considered for house manager roles also. She is in her late 20s, is currently learning to drive and recently renewed her First Aid and CRB check. Ideally looking for a position with maximum of two children aged 1year and up. She is multilingual and speaks amongst native Spanish, excellent English and conversational Italian (& basic Portuguese). She is available from now looking for £800pwc.Ref:44860

INCV2065 British Nanny/Maternity Nanny 65106 Anywhere Immediate £700+pwn
Nanny/ maternity nanny with nearly 25 years experience with newborns and toddlers MNT training , having worked twice in the UAE and the rest of her jobs in the UK . Most of her jobs the families need her to travel with them , so travelling with work is a bonus to her with a new position . She is discreet and has worked in formal and informal households , she loves animals scuba dives swims and is a very good cook as most of her references say and is a pleasure to have around . She is looking for 24/5 in the UK with a baby or babies and would consider overseas.Salary £700+pwn ref 65106

Bubbly American Nanny/Tutor Anywhere Short notice £800pwc
Bubbly American Nanny/Tutor in her 30s with great dedication towards her profession. A capable driver, good swimmer who enjoys travelling. Available to start her new position within short notice.She is currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. Ref:44572

Articulate British Nanny/Tutor Dubai 1 month notice £500pwc
Articulate, capable British nanny/tutor in her late 20s seeking a new long-term position ideally with children aged 2years and upwards in Dubai. A capable driver, very sporty and flexible to travel to employer's needs. Looking for a salary around £500pwc+,available within one month notice. Reg:44562

INCV1833 French Speaking Nanny 62900 Flexible ASAP Flexible
fantastic French Nanny with a fantastic level of English as she has studied and worked in the US. She holds 7 years of experience caring for newborns up to 15 years of age and has been Montessori trained. ref 62900

MNT trained British nanny 41659 Flexible ASAP £900pwc+
fantastic British Nanny who is MNT trained. She holds over 12 years of experience caring for children form newborn to 16 years of age, including twins and comes highly recommended by her previous employers who describe her as “ professional, reliable, creative, hardworking, honest and caring “ another one said “ she is a fantastic Nanny - up beat, positive, good with arts and craft” One of her referees wrote “ She is a lady of great substance, utterly devoted to her charges; to their health, nutrition, safety, advancement and fun. In parts old school Norland style, with a great emphasis on routines, boundaries and sensibility and in other part a rather splendid combination of Mary Poppins and the whimsical delights of Maria, our children adored Jo as a person as much as her cooking , which was simply delicious.” ref: 41659

INCV1831 Qualified Australian Nanny 83147 Flexible ASAP £800 +pwc
qualified Australian Nanny (has a green card for the US) who has been with her recent employer for 19 years! She has been looking after those children from newborn upwards and had to manage their extensive travel schedules. As the children grew older she took on extra family PA and household manager duties. She comes highly recommended, is very experienced, caring, bubbly, a confident driver , sporty and available ASAP. ref 83147

NNEB Qualified British Nanny 4303 Monaco but flexible for right family ASAP/Flex Flexible
wonderful NNEB qualified British Nanny who has been placed with her most recent employer of three years through Imperial Nannies. She holds over 15 years of experience (looking after children from newborn to 10 years of age, including twins) and excellent written and verbal references from her previous employers in London, Monaco and Germany. She is very capable, discreet, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, energetic, a confident driver, flexible and loyal. ref 4303

German Speaking Nanny 35947 Germany ASAP Flexible
highly recommended German nanny, age 30, excellent English, communication skills, has a lovely sense of humour and nice manner about her. Driver. Can start August 2013. She is very organised in her routines and keeping the children busy and active. Very calm person, nothing fazes her, fun, flexible about the house. Her referees have rated her as an excellent nanny and have further commented; "really amazing, loving, proactive, good cook, completely trustworthy" and another said; "very loving, patient, bubbly and outgoing personality, v. good with little babies" and another; "very professional, organised, organised lots of extra activities for the kids". ref. 35947

INCV1819 British Qualified Nanny 71223 Al Ain or Dubai ASAP TOP Salary
outstanding British qualified Nanny who has been placed through Imperial with her two most recent employers. She holds 20 years of experience (including working with twins and triplets) and comes highly recommended by her previous employers in Moscow, London, Paris, Monaco, Auckland, and Scotland. 40 years of age, very experienced, capable, professional, imaginative, creative, trustworthy, discreet, genuine love for children, confident, proactive, flexible, joyful, warm and caring. REF 71223

NNEB Qualified British Nanny 7839 Dubai ASAP £800 +pwc
A English NNEB qualified nanny, driver, age 35, lots of experience. Has been placed through Imperial in her current position. A bit of a baby expert but great with all age groups. She is outgoing, confident, professional, warm, kind, and a fun nanny. Excellent verbal references taken up for her; they state; “set up a very good routine, very flexible, punctual, fantastic nanny" and another; “fantastic nanny, cannot recommend her highly enough" She would like to work 5 days per week. Ref 7839

NNEB Qualified British Nanny 41869 Flexible 8 weeks notice £900pwc+
NNEB qualified British Nanny who is currently working in a hospital on the post-natal ward supporting new mothers. She has been in her present position for over 10 years and had most of her Nanny roles for long term as well (one for 3 years Harvey family and 4 years for a family who she then went back to again in 1994 for 7 years). Or nanny is very sporty, swims every day, has experience which children of all ages and is a mother of two grown daughters. Ref 41869

NNEB Qualified British Nanny 41605 Flexible ASAP Negotiable
A lovely NNEB qualified British Nanny who has been with her current employer for 3 years. She is now leaving as the little boy she is looking after is attending full time school. She holds over 30 years of experience caring for children from newborn to 12 years of age and comes highly recommended by her previous employers who describe her as “Extremely caring, a well balance nanny and very creative” “ the best Nanny we ever had - very organised, very good with arts and craft, caring, professional, lovely to have around and very in tune with the children needs” Ref 41605

INCV1692 Degree Qualified Tutor 65754 Flexible ASAP £1200pwc+
A excellent degree qualified Tutor who is very well known to the agency (we have placed her with 2 of her previous employers). She has been working as a private teacher, a supply teacher and tutor in the UK, in Saudi, Australia and Italy. Ref 65754

INCV1689 Qualified British Nanny - 61960 Flexible ASAP £1200pwc
A qualified British Nanny who also has a TEFL diploma and family PA experience. She holds over 10 years of experience caring for children from 2 years upwards and comes highly recommended by her previous and current employer who described her as “always punctual, well presented and organised. We were very impressed with her contribution with the children’s education and daily lives. Sharon fitted well into a busy household and adapted well to an always changing schedule”. 41 years of age, high profile experience, sporty, trustworthy, caring, well presented and very professional. Ref 61960

Qualified Teacher 42400 UAE ASAP £1200pwc
A qualified teacher from Australia who speaks fluent Japanese. She is currently travelling but available for an asap start should the right role come up. 38 years of age, sporty (used to be a swimming teacher) , very professional, yet warm , smiley and caring. Holds TESOL certificate and is looking for a minimum weekly salary of £1200 per week net.Ref 42400

INCV1386 Overseas Manny ref 69706 flexible ASAP £1000+pwc
He has been teaching English and History and has also been coaching athletics, football and swimming. His referees described him as “a sincere guy, very open , helpful, proactive, social able and gets on really well with the children. Very good teacher ! Popular with students and staff. “ and “very polite, caring, trustworthy, punctual, the children learnt a lot and enjoyed his company” location flex, salary £1000+, ASAP ref 69706

Montessori Qualified Nanny ref 40904 flexible ASAP £600+pwc
She is Montessori qualified, is in the process of doing her TEFL qualification, has worked in London, Cairo, Brussels and Kuwait looking after children from 7months to 9 years of age including twins. She is 23 years of age, very mature, enthusiastic, a confident driver and swimmer. Nicolas is very proactive, has a natural bond with children, is very creative and loves doing arts and crafts with her charges. Available ASAP, location flexible, salary £600+. ref 40904

NNEB Qualified British Nanny 2350 flexible Sept £850pwc
NNEB qualified British qualified Nanny who has been with her current employer for over 5 years . She holds 15 years of experience caring for children from 2.5 months upwards and comes highly recommended by her previous employers who described her as “Excellent professional and caring nanny, I would have no reservations to re-employing her, she genuinely cares and is interest in her charges. She still visits when it is one of the children’s’ birthdays.” Start: Sept, Salary : £850, location flex. REF 2350

INCV1347 Teacher/Tutor/Governess Ref 73387 flexible ASAP £1000pwc
well rounded Teacher/Tutor/Governess who has been placed in her 2 year position in Germany through Imperial. She has a BA Hons, an MA and a PGCE, plus 5 years governess experience in UK and EU and comes highly recommended by her previous employers. She is looking for a minimum salary of £1000 per week clear ASAP start flex location. ref 73387

INCV1296 British Tutor who is fluent in French and Mandarin Flexible ASAP £700/£800pwn
British Tutor who is fluent in French and Mandarin. He has been working with children for 5 years ranging from the ages of 4-16 in the capacity of a Foreign Languages Teacher and has experience of looking after his very young nephews who are aged 1 and 5.He is looking for a minimum salary of £700/800 per week net and is free to start in July.

INCV1263 British Nanny/Tutor 64393 flexible ASAP TOP SALARY
fantastic British Nanny and Tutor who has been placed through Imperial before. She holds over 30 years of experience working in different childcare settings in many different countries. She speaks fluent French having worked and studied in Geneva for several years. Diane is highly professional, hard working, patient, calm and caring. Ref 64393

Male Nanny/Tutor 32913 flexible ASAP Negotiable
fantastic male Nanny/Tutor with excellent references from Cairo, Switzerland, Moscow and the UK, experience with different age groups and special needs children, confident driver, comes highly recommended. Ref 32913

Nanny/Governess Ref 20661 flexible ASAP £700+
She is a excellent qualified Nanny/Governess from New Zealand who has been placed by our agency several times. She holds over 10 years of experience and comes highly recommended by her previous employers. 38 years of age, very reliable, good knowledge of French, cooperative, flexible, hardworking, trustworthy, bubbly personality, organized, proactive, warm-hearted and caring. Ref 20661

INCV1257 Twins & Special needs experienced nanny 80879 flexible ASAP TOP SALARY
We have placed her with 2 families who classed her as outstanding- she was hard to replace and will be extremely missed! She holds 20 years of experience caring for children from newborn upwards, including twins and special needs. Her references are outstanding – with most families not wanting to let her go. 42 years of age, very enthusiastic, extremely capable, hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable, organized, creative, warm and caring.REF: 80879

NNEB Qualified British Nanny 32704 Switzerland & London ASAP £800+
NNEB qualified British Nanny with over 25 years of experience. She is one of my “Super-Nannies”, I have placed her in her current position. She is extremely organised, sporty, full of energy, enthusiastic, fluent in French, dedicated, hard working, a confident driver, bubbly and professional. Ref 32704

INCV990 TOP nanny!!! ref 84550 Flexible ASAP £1000pwc
Fantastic nanny with experience from newborn-15 years. She has worked in France, Europe, The middle east and the USA and is only 32! Our nanny has fantastic references and has gained lots of experience working for VIP families. She is a driver and happy to travel with a family. Her CV speaks for its self! For more information about this candidate please contact us with REF:84550.

INCV679 Governess with teaching qualifications Ref: 83132 Flexible ASAP £800+ per week
British Nanny/Governess/Tutor who holds a teaching qualification. She has experience working with children from 3 to 12 years of age, including special needs education. Adviser experience for a range of needs: speech delay, autism, visual impairment, learning delay, dyslexia, ADHD and physical handicap). Comes highly recommended. In her words “children should be challenged, stimulated and encouraged to achieve their full potential”. Available to start asap.

INCV272 Overseas Nanny-Ref 68655 flexible ASAP £1000+ pwn
Qualified teacher and health trainer seeking Nanny/Governess position in Athens. Fluent in Greek an English. Lookinsg for a family with up to 3 children of any ages. Has high profile experience with Middle Eastern family . Driver. Has great experience and excellent references.

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