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Daily Nannies

We have a super selection of Daily Nannies, all of whom have relevant childcare experience and may hold the NNEB or BTEC qualification. All our Nannies have valid references that we have confirmed with previous employers. Most Nannies are non-smokers; they have a clean driving licence and hold a valid passport. We interview our Nannies and ascertain their experience, the sort of post they are seeking and discuss the qualities they can offer to a prospective employer.

Daily Nanny Duties

A Nanny will undertake Nursery Duties which are responsibilities pertaining to the children. This means that she will care for your children while you work or indeed she will work alongside mother if the post is shared care. A Nanny's duties will include all of the obvious things such as dressing, bathing and preparing nutritious meals for the children. A Nanny would also make sure that 'play-dates', outings to the zoo/park and social activities for the children are arranged. She will use her skills to develop the children to their full potential through educational games, painting, reading and various other social activities.

With regards to domestic duties, the Nanny would be expected to organise the children's belongings, which includes tidying up toys after playing, cleaning the kitchen after preparing meals or any other messy activities! She will be responsible for the children's bedrooms and bathroom making sure they are kept clean and tidy. She will wash and iron the children's clothes and ensure they are clean and presentable on all occasions. A Nanny is not expected to do heavy housework, family cooking or any other chores unless agreed before the position is accepted.

Daily Nanny Guidelines

We have listed below general guidelines for Clients and Nannies.


Salaries, depending on age and experience and the duties involved, generally range from £450+ net per week, although there are nannies earning above and below this amount.


Nannies taking a permanent post start with a one year contract, which is between the Client and the Nanny. The client and the nanny must give at least four weeks' notice once the eight week trial is over.


There is a minimum of four weeks paid holiday plus National Bank holidays.


Nannies usually work a 5 day week with weekends free. If you require the Nanny to work at the weekend, she should be given 1 ½ - 2 full days free during the week or extra payment.


A normal working day would usually be a maximum of ten hours for daily nannies unless agreed otherwise before the position commences. Some working mothers require an eleven hour day from their nanny. Very few nannies will agree to start before 7.45am.


If extra baby-sitting is required, Clients usually arrange to pay extra or give time off in lieu. Weekend babysitting needs to be discussed at interview stage as most Nannies want their weekends completely free. Nannies tend to agree to babysitting so long as they are given advance warning and are paid extra. The babysitting rates vary from £7.50-£10 per hour.


If the Client travels overseas and wishes the nanny to join them, this must again be discussed and agreed prior to commencement. Separate holiday contracts are advisable, so that it is clear what is expected of the nanny while away, the salary should be adjusted if she agrees to work longer hours.

The above list is to act as a general guideline and is not to be taken as a hard and fast rule. Every post is individual and each Client has different requirements. If you have a query that we have not included above, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Other points to keep in mind


Nannies will expect the family to provide lunch.


It is a good idea to have a kitty for the nanny which she can use for entrance bus fares, the occasional ice cream, pint of milk etc so she feels she is not having to ask to be re-imbursed for things. It is advisable to ask her to keep receipts so you can keep an eye on general expenditure.


You may want to ask your nanny to keep a diary so that you can both put in play-dates or excursions. This helps you see how varied their social activities are and means that you can book a day/afternoon for you to spend time with the children and you don't get disappointed when they aren't there!


Make it clear to your nanny if one day you have a particular thing that you would like her to prioritise. For instance, she may have got behind with the laundry and you assume she will get it done by the weekend. It can happen that it doesn't get done and the response is "I thought the children's activities were the priority…" Equally, it may be that you would prefer she focuses on the children and not to get concerned about unfinished household chores.


If you feel strongly about any particular issues, make sure you discuss these at interview stage so that you can see if you are on the same wave-length.

Once you have selected the nannies you would like to meet - read through their details and discussed their characters with the relevant consultant - first interviews will be arranged for you. These should last around 45mins, with perhaps just one parent interviewing.

Daily Nanny Interviews

Second interviews should be arranged for perhaps one or two candidates who you feel are hard to choose between. This should be a much longer interview and more hands-on, anything up to a day but a minimum of 2 hours.

Daily Nanny Probationary Periods

The first eight weeks of you hiring your nanny is called the probationary period. During this time you will both be adjusting to each other and it is recommended that you have a weekly meeting to discuss how things are going. Feedback and communication are key to a successful placement. You could also discuss any issues with your consultant prior to your meeting to see what their view is.


Imperial Nannies is part of Imperial Recruitment the largest domestic recruitment agency supplying staff for all domestic situations throughout the UK and abroad.

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