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Live in Nannies

Hours of work

A residential nanny should work between 10-12 hours per day Monday to Friday with two nights baby sitting included in their salary. Any additional baby-sitting should be paid extra. Babysitting nights are usually taken between Monday-Thursday. Weekends are free unless stated otherwise (possibly working a half or full day at weekends by mutual arrangement, for extra pay or a day off in lieu)


Live in salaries vary between £350-£450+ per week net.

It is important to make clear from the start whether the salary you are offering is gross or net. Nannies salaries are usually quoted as net. Families are liable for the Nannies Tax and National Insurance. (Please see Nanny Tax Information)

Live-in Accommodation

The nanny will require a separate bedroom but they should be happy to share a bathroom with the children/family. Most families provide a Television/Video, desk and storage space.

House rules

It is always best to have clear ideas about your house rules before hiring a live in nanny. This will differ from household to household. It is advisable to state in the contract that you require the nanny to inform you first of any people not connected with the family who may come to the house ie other nannies or friends. It is worth remembering if you have a good relationship with your nanny that she may over time wish to have a close friend or family member to stay once you have met with them.

Other points to keep in mind:

1) If you do not have a separate phone line for the nanny it is worth requesting an itemised phone bill from your phone company.

2) Nannies will expect the family to provide their food unless they require specialist items i.e. vegetarian, vegan or wheat free products etc.

3) If you require the nanny to drive the car, you are responsible for the insurance, up keep and petrol. It is also worth checking with your insurers before offering the position that the nanny is insurable on the car you are providing and also check that their driving licence is valid for England. New Zealand, Australians and South Africans can only use there licences for one year then they need an international or British licence.

4) It is a good idea to have a kitty for the nanny which she can use for entrance fees, bus fares, the occasional ice cream, pint of milk etc etc so she feels she is not having to ask frequently to be re-imbursed for things. It is advisable to ask her to keep receipts so you can keep an eye on general expenditure.

5) Smoking - make sure your nanny is aware if you have strong views on smoking eg no smoking in the house. Even if she herself doesn't smoke it may be that a close friend of hers does and she should adhere to your guidelines.

6) Respect for privacy. Some live-in Nannies will have their meals with the children, whilst others may expect to eat evening meals with you - it is worthwhile discussing this with your Nanny and making her aware of your preference. Likewise you may want to know how she plans to spend her weekends - does she visit friends/ family, or will she mostly be staying in the house.

Obviously strong preferences regarding all the above should be discussed with your consultant at the registration process, and your consultant will tailor your selection accordingly.

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