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Guide to Interviewing a Nanny

The first interview may take the form of a telephone interview, where you can get a general feel for the nanny and assess her suitability. We then recommend that you meet up. For overseas positions this means either you flying in to London, or nanny flying to see you, or arranging for a London based friend/relative to conduct interviews on your behalf. We are happy to email photographs of the candidate, and can arrange a video conference too. For UK based positions we do recommend more than one interview, the second being more in-depth and with the children so you can see how well the nanny interacts.

Suggestions for questions during the interview


If they are qualified ask them if they enjoyed the course and if they have found it helpful, since they started work.


Are you confident with what to do in an emergency situation. What would you do if baby was choking?


Why do you enjoy being a nanny?


Explain a little about the routine you would set for a small baby and how you would develop it.


How do you keep abreast of what is going on in the area that would be suitable for you and the baby to do?


Tell me a few of the activities you would do with a baby, toddler or older.


Do you have many nanny friends?


Are you from a large family?


Can you cook - what would you cook for x, y, aged children?


Describe how you would plan a day with x & y aged children


How long are you looking to work for?


What are your long term plans?


What are your views on discipline?


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